Private + Partner + Group Yoga Sessions

Sari offers private yoga lessons to support students in fine-tuning their practice and developing yoga sequences that support their individual goals. In addition, you can schedule a session with Sari for group team-building, couple's yoga and family yoga. Read below for more description and contact Sari to schedule an experience that is tailored just for you


offer newbies to yoga and veterans alike the chance to deepen their practice with one-on-one instruction. 

Learn more about what types of private yoga plans you can create with Sari, here.

Private Yoga Lesson Intake Form

Yoga consists of a set of techniques that enable you to gain access to the limitless wealth that lies dormant in your body and mind.
— Swami Rama


incorporate partner and group poses for a yoga session that fosters connection and fun. This is great for companies and organizations looking for a unique team-building session. 

Sari leads one-time group experiences or a workshop series based on the needs and levels of the group. 


is a beautiful way to deepen your practice while connecting with your partner.

Spend an hour with your partner connecting the breath and supporting one another in yoga postures. Sessions can be 1hr to 1.5hrs and offers many healing benefits and gentle instructions.


blends partner poses and youth yoga techniques. A family yoga session is a great way to have fun connecting as a family.

If you are looking to create lasting memories with those you love, consider a Family Yoga session. Using her experience teaching a wide range of ages, Sari provides a yoga experience for the family that incorporates partner and group poses. Leave the 1hr or 1.5hr experience with a healthy does of yoga poses that you can practice anytime.