Private Yoga Sessions

Gain strength, clarity, freedom and focus
with customized yoga sessions
designed specifically for you.

Rates & Packages



  • One 60-Minute Session ~ $85
  • Four 60-Minute Sessions ~ $320
  • Eight 60-Minute Sessions ~ $600

Choose Your Series:

  • The Newbie
    Introduction to Yoga
    New to yoga? Get a well-rounded introduction to this ancient practice that offers modern benefits. Learn the basics of standing poses, yoga flows and how to create and manage your energy. 

  • The Weekday Warrior
    Find Openness in the Body
    Your daily routine, whether it's your job or your workout, requires that you balance it out with deep stretching. Learn how to create openness in your body with targeted stretches, yogic approaches and breathing techniques.

  • The Strength-Builder
    Build Mental Focus & Physical Strength
    Balance and tone the body, mind and breathe. Yoga is a challenging practice that builds strength in the body and develops clarity in the mind.

  • The De-Stresser
    Reduce Stress & Restore Vitality
    If stress and anxiety are taking over then yoga can help! This series supports  you in de-stressing and re-energizing the core of your being. Learn how you can manage your life with yoga energetics. 

  • The Expander
    Unwind and Meditate
    If stress and anxiety are taking over then learn to unwind with gentle yoga practices that will smooth out your breathe in order to cultivate an open mind that is ready to dive deep into meditation. Gentle yoga poses help awaken the body so that it’s comfortable to move into meditation. Find a meditation that supports your special needs. 

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