Yoga Energetics for Athletes - Sequence 2: Effortlessness

 Practice 2: Vitality - Ease in Motion - Backbend - laterals

The purpose of this sequence is cultivate a vitality, a fire that supports inner courage and fearlessness. Rajas is a state of mind that gets us out there on the field and brings us energy and enthusiasm for our sport. However, if rajas is not directed intelligently we can become active for active's sake. Running that court or field - constantly moving without the ability to slow down - whether its our mind or our body - this not often productive. If you choose to create energy through this particular yoga sequence it's important to make sure that your ojas tank is filled - that you have had enough sleep and have taken good care of your body. When you are ready to bring the energy, you want to ensure that you have the fuel to support you. 

Another important element of this practice is cultivating a lightness within our effort. When we are increasing our energy we create heat in our body, but can we simultaneously stay spacious? What is lightness and spaciousness? Pay attention to the body and see if you can create more efficiency. 

An additional way to create ease in this practice is to lighten-upour mind-space. Can we be less judgmental by not being so forceful with ourselves? What if we become ok with not attaining the perfect yoga pose or not completing the practice exactly as we hoped. Perhaps our body wants us to take that child's pose during the sequence and maybe we should. It is this lightness and ease that will assist us in most efficiently moving through space. Float and flow with effort and ease (think Michael Jordan). 

Do this practice ...

     if your Ojas tank is full.

     if you need to build energy.  

     if you are looking to find ease and effortlessness.

Listen and Practice:

Sari Stankowski

Sari Gelzer is a yoga teacher and online media consultant based in San Francisco, CA.