Yoga Energetics for Athletes - Sequence 1: Balancing

Practice 1: Balance 

 In our bodies we need to find balance in sports. A balanced body improves our basketball shot or our soccer kick, it allows us to hold our position a little longer in bouldering. In addition to physical balance, we are also in need of an internal steadiness. When you are out on the field or in the court and you have someone playing defense against you - it's those times that it's useful to have a steady center. From this place we can think of our next pass. We can also view balance as accepting that both of those things are happening at once. Someone is trying to push you off your game, while you are needing to stay on your game. There are opposing forces that happen on the court and in life and it useful to know that despite them both existing you can find an equalibrium in these opposing forces. That we can smooth this entire interplay out. 

This Practice Will Build Ojas and Embrace Tamas 

Do this practice ...

     if you are looking to steady the mind and body.

     if you are looking to gain physical balance.

     if you are in need of grounding. 


Sari Stankowski

Sari Gelzer is a yoga teacher and online media consultant based in San Francisco, CA.