Yoga Energetics for Athletes: Conclusion


 Closure piece to tap into this audience. Hope you enjoy this. Hope this supports you. If you have stories you can connect with me here. 

 Everybody comes to yoga with a different need, a different body, a different place they are in their life. That is the beauty of yoga. 

When I first came to yoga, 

This book uses the principles I've learned to create experiences on the mat that can translate into your athletic endeavors. 

Yoga is a practice that has the potential to bear fruits for every type of person that decides to practice, no matter what reason draws them in. There a

Yoga is seen as the perfect compliment to an active lifestyle. As athletes we understand the need to keep the body balanced 


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Sari Stankowski

Sari Gelzer is a yoga teacher and online media consultant based in San Francisco, CA.