On Letting Life Force Flow

“No gardener ever made a rose.”

~ Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom

This quote that I found scrawled in my notebook brought me such a sigh of relief!

It’s the first week of 2015 and I realize that all of my new year’s resolutions are piling up and stressing me out.

No gardener ever made a rose?

I understand this quote. I once had a garden and learned so many simple powerful lessons from my season of growing vegetables. The garden is a lesson in miracles. The daily weeding and watering that led to snap peas, kale, spinach and tomatoes was a reward for consistency. A powerful lesson in the yogic concept of Abhyasa Vairagya, consistency without attachment.

No gardener ever made a rose?

This means that the miraculous flower emerges by merely tending to the soil. And, that a flower has its own blueprint with potential to exist despite the gardener.

Wow! So according to this beautiful quote if I tend to my physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual self the beautiful flowers within me will grow. I like to think of the flowers within me as my best self, my greatest self, my self that is so in tune with the universe that my greatest gifts that I have to offer will emerge, effortlessly.

My New Resolution:
Remove worry, water daily.

Directions: Don’t worry so much. Consistently stick your hand into the dirt, see what your soil needs. Be present, talk to the seeds and the plants that are growing and encourage them to grow. Most important, remind yourself that the miracles are within and there’s not much to do, but consistently tend to the soil with love.

Happy 2015! Looking forward to connecting with the beautiful people in my life and being witness to the flowers, yours and mine.

Sari Gelzer Stankowski is a communications consultant, writer and yoga teacher living in San Francisco. She teaches yoga at studios, workplaces and high schools across the Bay Area and also specializes in teaching small groups, couples and families. Learn more about her yoga teaching at www.SariGelzer.com

Sari Stankowski

Sari Gelzer is a yoga teacher and online media consultant based in San Francisco, CA.